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Moorabool Valley
VIP Experience

Moora, in BellaMoora Experiences represents our stunning Moorabool Valley. This Luxury Tour is suited to small groups, where our guests are exposed to an unforgettable experience. Look no further than our exciting VIP experience in the Moorabool Valley. Interact with local wine growers and food purveyers with many stories to tell.  We take care of every detail - so just come along, have fun and enjoy delicious food "created with love" by the top chefs of the region and taste carefully selected James Halliday rated wines.

All Inclusive

Personalised Itinerary flexible planning session with our local Experts

3 course award winning Chef designed local produce luncheon 

Wine Masterclass and Tasting

Winery Visits

Ultimate Gin Experience

Executive VIP Transport

(suited to Groups of 10 or more, and can be modified for less guests)

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